Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Then She Found Me (2007) Film Review

Plot Summary - Melodramatic romantic comedy directed by and starring Helen Hunt as April, a very recently dumped schoolteacher who, at 39-years old, is very fragile and absolutely desperate to have a baby. She feels that adoption is out of the question as she was adopted herself and feels that she would never be as close to the adopted baby as her own. She meets the handsome father (Colin Firth) of one of her young students, a recently dumped single father of two and they have sort of a fling as they start to fall for each other. Meanwhile, April has been contacted by her birth mother (Bette Midler), a quirky New York morning talk show host who likes to twist the truth a lot. April spends her time juggling her relationships with her birth mother, new boyfriend, and her ex-husband (Matthew Broderick) who steps back onto the scene and "wants her back" (ugh).

Review - I found this film - what some might call a "chick flick" - an interesting watch, filmed on-location in NYC, and helped along by the fact that I really like all the actors that are in this (um, and Colin Firth will always be my favorite filmland Mr. Darcy). The story is quite a soap opera that really pulled me in, the characters and their complex relationships came across as realistic - the meat of the story seems to revolve around adoption. Helen Hunt is very good in this as the woman who really finds herself in the end (she does look really thin and so, so tired in this, but it fits with the character). Rating - 8/10 stars

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