Friday, September 12, 2008

The Goose and the Gander (1935) Film Review

Plot Summary - Romantic farce in which the rich set get involved in a love quadrangle, all taking place at the "Beach Casino" hotel and later up in the mountains at the "Twin Pines" lodge. It's all about Bob and Betty and Ralph and Georgiana - Georgiana (Kay Francis) "admires" Bob (George Brent), Bob is having a secret rendezvous with Betty, Betty is married to Ralph - Ralph happens to be Georgiana's ex-husband. Okey dokey. Well, Georgiana first sees Bob on a hotel raft with Betty, Georgiana then does what it takes to meet him - and at the same time seek revenge against Betty, who stole her ex Ralph two years before. Meanwhile fickle Ralph meets up with Georgiana at the hotel and wants her back again, arranging to meet at her home that evening. Okay - this all sounds like a daytime soap opera, doesn't it?! When Bob and Betty head into the mountains for their secret affair, Georgiana has bribed a local gas station to tell them there's a smallpox epidemic and no gas, and steer them to the nearby lodge where lives Georgiana and her aunt (who knits while spouting one-liners). And soon the arrival of an upscale couple who happen to be two crooks who have stolen jewelry from rooms at the hotel and then took off in Betty's car to make their escape. The gal tells them all she's Betty - and they all know she's not, but don't let on! Ralph arrives, and all sorts of impersonations and tricks to come with Georgiana and Bob in the center of it all, flirting together big time - sparks are really flying.

Review - This film is a fast-paced and fun frolic, a real stylish thirties soap opera with cocktails, jewel thieves, some dopey detectives, and Kay Francis in a shiny black, skin-tight evening gown. The two gals - Kay Francis and actress Genevieve Tobin, who plays Betty - steal the picture. The plot of this film can, at times, be a touch confusing but the romantic part of the film works well based on a good deal of chemistry between Kay Francis and George Brent. Rating - 7 to 8/10 stars

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