Monday, September 8, 2008

Monday Morning Notes

1. My main TV set has blown a tube or something - it won't turn on. I'm looking into buying a new one - HDTV - but can't really watch any movies until I get it, as all I have is a very small TV set up there right now - I just don't know how much I could enjoy a film on such a small screen. Speaking of blowing a tube - that makes me think of when I was a kid and our TV set would break, my mom would bring the busted tube to a store where she would place it on a testing machine to find the correct replacement for it.

2. Big Brother started very late last night - supposed to start at eight - it was almost ten when it started (they were showing U.S. Open Tennis). While waiting I watched the end part of old favorite "Gidget" on TCM, then - though the picture looked so small on that littler TV - part of "Cleopatra" (1912) which was ruined by having a hideous music score attached to it - horrific!

3. Watching "Big Brother" it was getting on close to 11 pm near the end part - which I missed as I fell asleep in my chair sitting up! I remember being a teen and poking fun at my dad when he used to fall asleep sitting up in front of the TV - look at me now!

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