Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Smart People (2008) Film Review

Plot Summary - Indie film about a widowed university professor of literature (Dennis Quaid) with a smarter-than-thou attitude who gets a concussion and seizure ending up in the hospital under the care of a former student, now a doctor (Sarah Jessica Parker). This female doctor once had a crush on him - he doesn't even remember her, or any of his former students for that matter. The Prof. is still carrying the torch for his deceased wife while caring for - or being cared by, rather - his quirky, sarcastic daughter (Ellen Page) a "Young Republican" and high school senior studying for her SATs, and his son, a college student and poet. The Prof. can't drive for six months because of the concussion, so his pot-smoking "adopted brother" moves in to chauffeur him around - the daughter ends up coming on to her "uncle" who rejects her. And meanwhile, the Prof. begins to date the doctor, with mixed results.

Review - This film was okay, but it was pretty boring - and I don't get bored that easily when watching a film. I didn't really care that much about the characters, the son is really not even necessary to the story - I do like Ellen Page in this film, however, she's real good - the scenes with her character in them were the most interesting in the film, I thought. Little chemistry between Dennis Quaid and Sarah Jessica Parker doesn't help. I hoped this would be a little better than it is - disappointing. Rating - 6 to 7/10 stars

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