Monday, December 29, 2008

The Hardys Ride High (1939) Film Review - Mickey Rooney

Plot Summary - Another adventure following sixteen year-old Andy Hardy (Mickey Rooney) and his family. In this one, Judge Hardy (Lewis Stone) falls heir to two million dollars and the family heads for Detroit to claim the inheritance and take residence in their new 12-bathroom mansion, butler Dobbs included. They do have to wait for the proof that the Judge is a true descendant before they actually get the money, but nobody seems too worried. Meanwhile, the ladies are all living it up, ordering breakfast in bed, opening charge accounts, buying expensive new dresses. Andy - formerly used to living on his one and a half buck a week allowance - turns into self-dubbed "millionaire-playboy", goes to the Paradise nightclub in tuxedo and opera hat, where he's about to be tricked by a cousin who will inherit the estate if the Hardy's do not. A bad and beautiful chorus girl uses her wiles to try to help trick Andy. Side story involves aunt Milly (Sara Haden) "cutting loose" and meeting a man.

Review - This film is cute, but quite predictable as the good Hardy family sort of realizes that perhaps loads of money is not what they really want. It's not one of the better films in the series, but is still quite entertaining. While I have seen the majority of the films in the Andy Hardy series before (some a number of times), I'm not sure if I had seen this particular one before, in any case I did not recall the plot. Rating - 7/10 stars

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