Sunday, December 7, 2008

Butch Jamie (2007) Film Review

Watched this one Friday afternoon.

Plot Summary - Romantic comedy about Butch Jamie, a Hollywood lesbian and wannabee actress who is having no luck auditioning for parts dressed as Femme Jamie, in mini skirt, wig, and high heels. Deciding to try just being herself, she goes on an audition as Butch Jamie for this seriously low-budget film and gets hired - for the man's part! The people who hire her know she's a woman, but her job's on the line if anyone else on the film finds out the truth. But things are looking up - or are they - for Jamie's love life when Jill, an attractive blonde she is working with, gets a crush on her. Jill loves short men and thinks Jamie is really sensitive - unfortunately she believes that Jamie is a man (in spite of the seriously fake looking side burns and goatee Jamie's been wearing to pass herself as male). They go out on a date, but Jamie must try to keep the truth covered - literally. And meanwhile, Jamie's cute and seemingly straight roommate Lola, who spends her time taking her cat Howard on auditions, shows a new side to Jamie when her *female* date arrives at the door.

Review - This film comes across as pretty low budget, some of the footage seems like sort of a home movie video - but I found the film really entertaining. There are some nice touches of humor throughout the film and the acting for the most part is well done - especially the main character Jamie, played by Michelle Ehlen, who comes across as very engaging and likable. The film includes a nice soundtrack of songs. The cat gets more screen time than usual for a cat part - and he's adorable, black with a little white on his belly - I once had a cat (who I miss) who looked a lot like him. Rating - 8/10 stars

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