Thursday, November 6, 2008

Transsiberian (2008) Film Review

Watched this one on Tuesday afternoon.

Plot Summary - Thriller set aboard the Trans-Siberian railway travelling from Beijing, China to Moscow, Russia where Jessie and Roy (Emily Mortimer and Woody Harrelson), an American couple who have just been on missionary work in China, befriend the rather mysterious young couple who are sharing the same small sleeping compartment as them, Carlos and Abby. Jesse, an amateur photographer, has some flirtations with Carlos, he's a handsome Spaniard and Lothario of a sort. POSSIBLE SPOILER AHEAD: But something seems not quite right about this couple, and as it is, Carlos is a mule, secretly carrying heroine to Moscow. Murder, a Russian police officer (Ben Kingsley) onboard in pursuit of drug traffickers, and some fast-paced train-board action to follow.

Review - This film is very atmospheric with it's Russian snow-covered locations, exotic train passengers singing and drinking Russian vodkas, and hot, uncomfortable train with narrow passageways and surly train workers - I enjoyed the escape into this interesting, exotic locale and found the film to be quite entertaining and suspenseful (okay, I do love films set in Russia - like fave "Doctor Zhivago"). Most of the action takes place inside the moving train, I always seem to find films set on trains to be interesting! I quite enjoyed this one. Rating - 8 to 9/10 stars

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