Sunday, November 30, 2008

Beautiful Ohio (2006) Film Review - William Hurt

Plot Summary - Indie film set in Cleveland, Ohio circa 1973. A coming-of-age story focusing on a family - mom, dad, and two teenage brothers who are dubbed "geniuses" - the main character is the youngest brother William, sensitive pianist and sculptor. The main genius is the older brother, Clive, currently competing in the rounds of the Ohio math championships, which takes place over the course of the film. Clive is long-haired and broody, he speaks a secret language only known to him and his pal Elliot. Clive has a girlfriend, Sandra, escaped from a bad home life and secretly living in the basement of their house. William finds out about Sandra, crushes on her (reciprocated) and keeps the secret from his parents. The dad (William Hurt) sells insurance and seems to be having a fling with the attractive neighbor lady - mom likes to cook and host dinners for the neighbor lady and husband. Mom (Rita Wilson) is into poetry and Chopin, Dad is experimental, plays rock records to mom's displeasure, and joins his son and friend smoking a bong. Just your typical family, honest!

Review - This is a touching, sensitively done film - very entertaining and well done, the family seemed like a real one. Nice vintage 70s music used in some background scenes, though the film is quiet as a whole. The character of William, the centerpiece of the film, is well played by the actor Brett Davern, his first film? Nice on-location photography in, mostly cold, Ohio (the family has their own mini hockey ice rink made in the yard). I really liked this. Rating - 9/10 stars

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