Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The Incredible Hulk (2008) Film Review - Edward Norton

Plot Summary - Action packed comic book tale starring Edward Norton as Bruce Banner, a man who, whenever he gets too angry or excited turns into, what else, "The Incredible Hulk", ten-foot tall green muscle-bound and angry hulking monster. While he's in hiding in a city in Brazil, an army general (William Hurt) is trying to find him so he can get the secret out of his body and use it to create a "Super Soldier" weapon. Meanwhile, Bruce seeks an anecdote to rid his body of whatever makes him turn into the Hulk. He is in contact with a person known as "Mr. Blue" who is trying to help - and Bruce finds he must return home to try and get data which will help cure him. Action packed adventure and a little bit of romance to follow.

Review - Okay, I don't normally even see these sort of action films based around comic books - but I just had to see this as it stars my latest big current movie star crush, heartthrob Edward Norton - and man, did he look sexy in this (only when he's Bruce Banner, not when he's the Hulk, which is all special effects anyway). The earlier parts of this film I found to be pretty entertaining (though perhaps I am just biased because of the scenes with cute Norton) - the later parts of the film became more and more far-fetched and silly, the big finale scene where two Hulks fight each other on the streets of NYC just went on too long for my taste, I was getting pretty bored (maybe if I was a thirteen year old male it would have seemed funner). Liv Tyler appears as the love interest, and there is a nice chemistry between her and Norton (remember, Bruce Banner can't get too excited or he turns into the Hulk, so no extended make-out scenes here). The special effects in the film are quite well done, some of the on-location scenery in different cities around the world is very neat to see - I thought the city in Brazil seen in the beginning of the film, with it's tumble of packed together houses and narrow, narrow streets, looked like a really interesting place. As for Edward Norton - without him in this film, I doubt I would give this a super big rating, as it is, I was pretty much feeling swoony every time his face comes on screen, there's just something about him that gets me, he has that sort of geeky, boyish attractiveness that I like - and I love his voice (and not to forget - he's also a great actor). So bonus points for that. Oh, one note: there is a short homage to TV's Incredible Hulk, Bill Bixby, in the beginning of the film when Bruce Banner is channel surfing across a brief scene of Bixby in "The Courtship of Eddie's Father". Rating - 7/10 stars

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