Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Forgetting Sarah Marshall (2008) Film Review

Watched this one Sunday afternoon.

Plot Summary - Comedy about Peter (Jason Segel), newly dumped by his actress girlfriend Sarah Marshall, star of "Crime Scene", dumb looking TV crime drama. Peter tries one-night stands but that doesn't help - so he decides to go to Hawaii where he ends up at the same fancy beachfront resort that Sarah and her new boyfriend (yeah, the one she dumped Peter for) also happen to be. Sarah's new guy is, what else, a shaggy-haired rock star with a huge ego who wears skin-tight black leather pants and speaks with a thick London accent (he's actually not as big a jerk as first appearances make him seem). Peter sort of stalks around after her, cries in his room, drinks, surfs, whatever he can do to try to forget her. But he actually seems to have absolutely no trouble finding beautiful women to go out with him, and asks out the pretty gal who runs the customer service desk who he starts a vacation fling with. Soon Sarah, the rocker, Peter, and the customer service girl keep running into each other at the resort, even ending up dining together one evening. Comic side stories involve a pudgy waiter (Jonah Hill) who has a crush on the rocker, and a young Mormon couple having problems in bed on their honeymoon.

Rating - This was funnier than I was expecting - I actually thought, as comedies go, this one was pretty good - could have done without some of the nudity (like Jason Segel full frontal naked - I'd prefer someone hunkier if I'm gonna see that) which seemed to just be stuck in just to show nudity, not for any comedic effect. I quite like Jason Segel, well known to me as a big fan of "Freaks and Geeks", which I have seen all episodes multiple times (I never seem to tire of that show, I must say - wish it hadn't been cancelled so quickly). Jonah Hill is a hoot - I love that guy, every scene he's in is funny. Rating - 7/10 stars

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