Monday, April 19, 2010

A Neckin' Party (1937) - Comedy Short Film Review

Plot Summary and Review - "A Vitaphone Novelty". Short starring Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy, who play themselves. At a New York nightclub, Edgar meets up with Charlie, who's dressed to the nines after just inheriting $200, then after some brief comedy patter, they agree to fly to a ranch "below the border" where they are soon dressed and performing like a couple of singing cowboys and meeting up with a VERY flirtatious Mexican dancing girl named Lolita. Though she's agreed not to "look at any man", Lolita starts flirting with Charlie, prompting her extremely jealous boyfriend to invite Charlie to go on a "necking party" - with not exactly the intent that Charlie thinks. While Edgar is off chatting up Elmer "Mortimer" Snerd (more comedy patter) Charlie is getting a noose put around his neck! One reel short with mild humor throughout. No laughs out loud for me, but cute. Rating - 7.5/10 stars

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