Monday, February 1, 2010

Carrie (1952) Film Review - Jennifer Jones, Laurence Olivier

Plot Summary - POSSIBLE SPOILERS AHEAD - - Soap opera following the downfall of a married man in love with another woman. Turn of the century small town girl, right off the farm, Carrie (Jennifer Jones) arrives in Chicago to, hmm, seek her fortune (or snatch a man). Moving in with her sister and family, she works at a shoe factory until an accident with the machine causes her to be fired. With no money or job, she seeks the help of a man/wolf named Charlie (Eddie Albert), who she met on the train into town. He helps her out by offering her money and his place to stay while he pretends to leave town (hmm). Soon she is living with Charlie and *hoping* he will marry her (oh gosh). Meanwhile, he has taken her out to dinner at a fancy Chicago eatery where she meets the successful, handsome manager, George (Laurence Olivier). George invites her to the theatre and is soon in fast pursuit of her, they quickly fall in love - thing she doesn't know yet, he is married - - and to a shrew of a wife! Carrie finds out and refuses to see him again - - so in desperate pursuit to get her for his own, he embezzles money from the restaurant and tricks her into going to New York, and then lies that he is divorced. Many troubles to follow.

Review - Following the complete downfall of a man in a bad marriage and in love with a younger woman (and who does *anything* it takes to get her) - - this film has more melodrama packed into two hours than most; sort of dark, but an entertaining watch. Liked this lots - and never saw it before! Rating - 9/10 stars

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